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78 Views· 07 February 2024

Creating a Life-like Unagi Donburi Fake Food Model / 神奇的食物模型製作 (鰻魚飯) - Plastic Food Craftsman



The miraculous process of creating fake food models using plastic!

This master modeler, who learned the art of crafting exquisite food model from a Japanese master many years ago, has since returned to Taiwan to elevate and expand this technique!

By simply providing this master with photographs of the food, they can flawlessly recreate it using plastic. This not only allows customers to understand the appearance of the product but also reduces waste caused by displaying real food!

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✨Product in This Video✨
Plastic Unagi Donburi Model / 鰻魚蓋飯模型
(Grilled Eel Rice Bowl Model)

**Location information**
台灣卡固高食品模型 KAKUKOW

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