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SUTAN with Traditional Hair | 2year-old's life in Japan


2 years old Japanese girl, Sutan's Shichi-Go-San is coming up in a month! Shichi-Go-San is a Traditional Japanese ceremony that celebrate the growth of children when they're 3, 5, 7 years old. Most people go to a hair salon to have their hair done and dressed kimono, take pictures at a photo studio, visit a shrine, and have a celebratory meal with their family. A mother tying her daughter's hair in a traditional style may be rare in modern Japanese family but I used to wear this hairstyle every day when I was a Maiko, junior geisha, so if I have a daughter someday, I have always wanted to do her hair and kimono for the Shichi-Go-San.
Sutan is also looking forward to wearing the kimono and having family gatherings. Anyway, this is my first time to do someone's hair, so today is just a practice.
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