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192 Views· 17 June 2024

Living in a Truck Camper How I Workout, Stay Fit and Eat PIZZA! Full Time RV Van Life Tips



My secrets to staying fit and working out living and traveling in a truck camper. Thanks to Ka'Chava for sponsoring a portion of this video! To try it yourself, go to https://www.Kachava.com

0:00 Sunset intro for today!
0:34 I love Ka’Chava!
1:44 Two of the tools that I use!
3:05 Get your body into motion - my own gym!
3:25 Workout! Lunges/Strength/Dips/etc
4:05 Jump Roping
4:22 Stretching
4:33 Running
5:21 Do I eat lots of pizza?
6:03 What’s in my fridge? What do I snack on?
6:50 What about a diet? Fad Diets?!
8:15 My secret recipe for the perfect pizza (shh)
8:39 Dough Tossing!
9:34 Pizza In!
10:21 Yum!!!
11:11 Is gas fired or wood fired pizza better?
11:54 Sunset paddle boarding
12:58 Join me on the island with my friends
13:40 A beautiful sunset
13:58 I broke it…

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Every person is different, it’s Impossible for me to know your medical history, exercise ability and dietary restrictions. So if you like something that I personally do or say you should always consult with your primary care physician, registered dietitian and personal trainer before trying to implement any of it into your own life.

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