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7 Simple Woodworking Tools Hacks | woodworking ideas


Daniel Chyi
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Unlock the potential of your workshop with our latest video, "7 Simple Woodworking Tool Hacks." Discover how to make the most out of your essential tools, including those from top brands like Bosch, Makita, AUTOUTLET, Cemedine, Samini Co., Nippon Bearing, and THK. Whether you're a novice woodworker or a seasoned pro, these hacks will help you work smarter and achieve professional results with ease. Learn how to use tools like the Bosch disk grinder, Bosch electric drill, Bosch multi-tool, Makita trim router, AUTOUTLET digital angle meter, Cemedine epoxy putty, Samini Co. spring, Nippon Bearing linear motion rod, and THK linear bushing to enhance your woodworking projects.

**Video Highlights:**

1. **Bosch Disk Grinder (Model: GWS7-100E):**
- **Hack 1: Precision Sharpening:** Learn how to sharpen your chisels and plane blades with perfect precision using the Bosch disk grinder. This hack ensures your tools are always in top condition for clean and accurate cuts.

2. **Bosch Electric Drill (Model: GBM13RE):**
- **Hack 2: Perfect Hole Drilling:** Use a simple jig setup to drill perfectly straight and consistent holes every time. This hack improves your drilling accuracy, making assembly and joinery easier.

3. **Bosch Multi-Tool (Model: GMF50-36):**
- **Hack 3: Detailed Sanding:** Transform your multi-tool into a detailed sander for intricate work. This hack is perfect for smoothing edges and getting into tight spots that larger sanders can't reach.

4. **Makita Trim Router (Model: RT50DZ):**
- **Hack 4: Decorative Edges:** Create beautiful decorative edges on your projects with the Makita trim router. Learn how to set up and use different router bits to add professional finishing touches to your woodworking pieces.

5. **AUTOUTLET Digital Angle Meter:**
- **Hack 5: Accurate Angle Measurements:** Use the digital angle meter to set precise angles on your saws and other tools. This hack ensures your cuts are always accurate, making your joinery fit perfectly.

6. **Cemedine Epoxy Putty (Model: HC-115):**
- **Hack 6: Custom Tool Handles:** Create custom ergonomic handles for your tools using epoxy putty. This hack enhances comfort and control, reducing fatigue during long woodworking sessions.

7. **Samini Co. Spring (Model: 12-1636), Nippon Bearing Linear Motion Rod (12mm), and THK Linear Bushing (Model: LM 12L):**
- **Hack 7: DIY Linear Motion Guide:** Construct a DIY linear motion guide for your woodworking jigs and fixtures. This hack improves precision and smoothness in your cutting and routing tasks.

**Project Details:**

- **Brands and Models:**
- **Disk Grinder:** Bosch GWS7-100E
- **Electric Drill:** Bosch GBM13RE
- **Multi-tool:** Bosch GMF50-36
- **Trim Router:** Makita RT50DZ
- **Digital Angle Meter:** AUTOUTLET
- **Epoxy Putty:** Cemedine HC-115
- **Spring:** Samini Co. 12-1636
- **Linear Motion Rod:** Nippon Bearing (NB) 12mm
- **Linear Bushing:** THK LM 12L

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**Conclusion: Enhance Your Woodworking Skills**

Transform your woodworking projects with these simple yet effective tool hacks. By making the most of your Bosch, Makita, AUTOUTLET, Cemedine, Samini Co., Nippon Bearing, and THK tools, you can achieve professional results and elevate your craftsmanship. Follow our step-by-step guides to unlock new possibilities in your workshop.

**Watch Now:**

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Disk Grinder
Brand: Bosch
Model number: GWS7-100E

Electric drill
Brand: Bosch
Model Number:GBM13RE

Brand: BOSCH
Model Number: GMF50-36

Trim Router
Brand: Makita
Model Number: RT50DZ

Digital angle meter

Epoxy Putty
Brand: Cemedine
Model Number: HC-115

Brand: Samini Co.
Model Number: 12-1636

Linear motion rod (12mm)
Brand: Nippon Bearing (NB)

Linear Bushing
Brand: THK
Model No.: LM 12L

Hose band (Φ65~89mm)
Brand: AKEIE

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