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Ferrari F12 review | Top Gear | Series 20 | BBC


Daniel Chyi
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The Ferrari F12berlinetta, often simply referred to as the Ferrari F12, is a masterpiece of automotive engineering and design. As one of Ferrari's flagship grand tourers, the F12 combines blistering performance with exquisite styling and luxurious comfort. Here’s an in-depth review of this remarkable vehicle.

#### **Design and Styling**

- The F12's design is a harmonious blend of elegance and aggression. The sleek, aerodynamic lines are sculpted to perfection, reflecting both beauty and purpose.
- The front end features a prominent grille, flanked by sharp LED headlights, giving the car a menacing yet refined appearance.
- The side profile showcases the long hood and short rear deck, a classic grand tourer silhouette, with deep air vents and sweeping curves enhancing the car’s aerodynamic efficiency.
- At the rear, quad tailpipes and a pronounced diffuser underline the car’s performance credentials, while the slender taillights provide a modern touch.

- Inside, the F12 offers a driver-focused cockpit with an impeccable mix of luxury and sportiness. High-quality leather, carbon fiber, and aluminum are used extensively, creating a sophisticated and tactile environment.
- The seats are both supportive and comfortable, designed for spirited driving and long-distance comfort.
- The dashboard is dominated by a large central tachometer, flanked by digital displays providing essential driving information. Controls are intuitively placed, ensuring that the driver can focus on the road.

#### **Performance and Handling**

**Engine and Transmission**:
- The F12 is powered by a naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 engine, producing 730 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque. This powerhouse engine is one of the most potent naturally aspirated engines ever built by Ferrari.
- The engine is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, delivering lightning-fast gear changes and seamless power delivery.

**Acceleration and Top Speed**:
- The F12 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, showcasing its immense power and performance capabilities.
- The top speed exceeds 211 mph, making the F12 one of the fastest grand tourers in the world.

**Handling and Dynamics**:
- The F12 features a sophisticated suspension system, including Ferrari’s Adaptive Magnetorheological Suspension (SCM-E), which adapts to road conditions in real-time to optimize ride comfort and handling.
- The car’s precise steering and balanced weight distribution provide exceptional agility and stability, whether on a winding road or a high-speed straight.
- Advanced aerodynamics, including active aero features, enhance downforce and reduce drag, contributing to the car’s superb handling characteristics.

#### **Technology and Features**

**Infotainment and Connectivity**:
- The F12 is equipped with a modern infotainment system, including a high-resolution display, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and premium audio options.
- Controls are easily accessible, and the system is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that drivers can stay connected without distraction.

**Driver Assistance and Safety**:
- While primarily focused on performance, the F12 includes several driver assistance features, such as traction control, stability control, and advanced braking systems, to ensure safety and enhance driving confidence.
- Carbon-ceramic brakes provide exceptional stopping power, even under extreme conditions.

#### **Driving Experience**

**On the Road**:
- Driving the F12 is an exhilarating experience. The V12 engine delivers a symphony of sound, with a throaty roar that builds to a high-pitched scream as the revs climb.
- The car’s acceleration is both brutal and smooth, with instant throttle response and relentless power delivery.
- Despite its performance focus, the F12 remains comfortable for long-distance cruising, with a supple ride and refined interior.

**Track Performance**:
- On the track, the F12 showcases its racing pedigree. The precise steering, responsive suspension, and powerful brakes allow for aggressive driving and high-speed maneuvers.
- The car’s balance and poise inspire confidence, making it a joy to push to its limits.

### Conclusion

The Ferrari F12berlinetta is a stunning example of what makes Ferrari a legendary marque. Its combination of breathtaking design, unparalleled performance, and luxurious comfort make it a standout in the world of high-performance grand tourers. Whether for a thrilling drive on a mountain road, a high-speed blast on the autobahn, or a day at the track, the F12 delivers an unforgettable experience that embodies the essence of Ferrari.

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