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TURNING an $8k BMW E30 325is in to a $20k+ - EXTREME MAKEOVER


Daniel Chyi
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We’ve got the iconic BMW E30 325IS in for a deep restoration that brought it’s price tag from a $8k E30 to one that will bring home more than $20k+! This BMW 325IS came to us in rough shape with some of the paint in such bad condition that we had to send pieces off to be repainted. We had a set budget for this car and had to do what we could within that to make this car come back to life.

We opted to save some money on the undercarriage cleaning by using steam cleaning instead of dry ice cleaning, and saved the dry ice cleaning for parts where it was the most ideal use case. You've got options when undercarriage detailing, and we used this to optimize the budget for things like a good ol BMW engine cleaning.

We needed to do paint correction to the front fenders before we could send the hood off to the body shop to be repainted because we needed an accurate paint sample to work with. We also repainted the spoiler while we were at it.

The only other panel that was repainted (before we got the car in our shop) was the driver side panel, which we had to wet sand because the previous body shop didn’t do a great job.We completely restored the interior. The seats were very dry and cracked, the steering wheel was trashed, and it was pretty dirty under the seats. We brought this all back to life, refreshing and dying the seats, and it came out great!

You’ve just got to love the car that coined the term “the ultimate driving machine”You’ve been asking for another e30 video, and we delivered! Did you catch our last e30 video that broke the internet?
You can find it here: https://youtu.be/Rk-kINu7oFU

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