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82 Views· 05 February 2024

Best of 8K HDR Video ULTRA HD 120 FPS - Dolby Vision Demo


Best 8K & 12K & Dolby Vision Demo 4K HDR Video ULTRA HD 60FPS, 120 FPS, 240 fps Resolution with Documentary & Declamation, all in this channel. now you can watch it on your 4K HDR TV, 8K HDR TV, 12K HDR TV, and other devices like your Samsung TV, LG HDR TV, LG C1, C2, Sony HDR TV, QLED TV, OLED TV, AMOLED TV, Hisense TV, Philips TV, Apple XDR TV, iPhone Pro MAX, Xiaomi, POCO, SAMSUNG GALAXY, HUAWEI, and your other devices..

why do people love nature exploring the psychological and emotional benefits of connecting with the natural world, Nature has always held a special place in the hearts of humans from the earliest cave paintings to the modern-day trend of forest bathing people have sought out and celebrated the beauty and wonder of the natural world but why do we love nature so much in this essay we will explore the psychological and emotional benefits of connecting with nature and examine the reasons why people are drawn to the outdoors.

▶️Available Subtitles in this video:
English, German, Hindi, Finnish, Korean, French, Spanish, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Estonian, Polish, Danish, Japanese, Urdu, Italian and Portuguese.

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Music Attribution: Music by Liborio Conti
Thumbnail: Use Paid Photo.
Narration by: Bella

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▶© Disclaimer:
》All the Video Footage used in this video is licensed by 4K Video ULTRA HD.
》Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.
》I tried to Present the Video in a new way by adding voice narration (Documentary and Declamation) Changing the color of the Video, I have done High color correction, Special Effects, Color changing, Log and Raw video editing, HDR color Setting, merged files & 8K Export files, etc.
▶ All Credits Goes to YouTube.

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