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Restoration of Brad Pitt's Citizen "Bullhead" watch from "Once upon a time in Ho


Daniel Chyi
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This time I´m restoring a Citizen Bullhead Chronograph.
The watch become famous as Cliff Booth (played by Brad Pitt) worn it in the movie "Once upon a time in Hollywood"
This watch is powered by the Citizen 8110A chronograph movement.

The watch is in a really bad condition. The gold-plated case and the painted bezel is heavily damaged, the glass is scratched, the movement stops repeatedly and the bracelet is not original and broken.

I need to get rid of the old gold-plating and the black paint, i´m using my new sandblaster for this job.
After sanding and polishing the case, it´s ready for a new gold-plating. The bezel gets a new painting after polishing.

I need to replace the glass and the crown. Crown and chronograph-pushers were gold-plated originally but Cliff is wearing it with silver colored crown and pushers.
So I´m just polishing the pushers and waive the gold-plating.

The hands can be polished but I need to re-paint the chronograph hands with a nice looking "orange".

The dial is hopeless. I can´t restore that one so I need to use my little time machine again.

After everything is cleaned, polished, re-plated and re-painted, I can re-assemble the movement with some fresh oil. After that, this watch is in a fantastic beat (+0 seconds per day) again.

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