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6 Views· 09 February 2022

Our House Tour And Renovation Plans! | Life In New Zealand ❤️



We've got a bit more of a plan for our renovations and remodel plans for our house, so it's time to show you around properly inside our humble New Zealand home! .. ? Learn how to make your videos incredible with our A-to-Z video editing course — https://danegerandstacey.com/video-editing ⬇ More Below ⬇

A bit of Kiwi DIY is a classic New Zealand saying that we're fully getting behind! Since getting the keys we've already spent days without stopping to eat, hours sweating away, a bit of blood and sore bones chipping away non-stop at the beginning of these renovations. Isn't crazy how much energy and reserves you have in the tank when the project you're working on is something you really love? We're beyond excited for to share the final state of the property once we've given it a bit of love and remodelling, but for now, consider this the before footage!

Come along inside our humble home and we want to share all of our renovation plans. It's been a few years since we've really cracked into any real house upgrades/repairs properly, and with the real estate market still looking pretty sound, even a modest budget should help this place scrub up real nice.

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