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0 Views· 17 August 2023

Yoga for Core Strength (The New Way) | 20 Minutes | Kino MacGregor



In this Yoga for Core Strength practice Kino goes through her most effect (but little known) sequences with you. You'll build strength, increase flexibility, and improve blood flow in your entire body.

After this session you'll feel fresh and strong from head to toe.

You can pair this video Day 1 of our 30-Day Yoga Challenge to stretch out after your workout: https://youtu.be/LhX7VJxkTyU

The sequence uses focused activation, anatomical awareness, and targeted movements to build power and stamina in the core muscles.

An engaged core is very important not just for your yoga practice but in live in general. Come back to this video whenever you need a core strength booster.

Let me know how it went in the comments :-)

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