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27 Views· 16 March 2023

Inside A Stunning Transformation Of A 1960s School Hall Into A Classy Office


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It’s a special episode this week, as Reuben (@reubensrambles) and @AikenChiaMing tour a space that is undoubtedly famous in the design world in Singapore, but one that not many have seen before. It’s the office of the renowned Park + Associates in Singapore, and it’s not in a place where you would typically guess - an old 1960s former school compound.

It takes a special eye to see the potential of the space, and when you look at how it formerly used to look, you can see why. The office is housed where the old library hall used to be, and as it’s on the top floor of the building, it contains a large space of column free space with the highlight the series of barrel vaults.

Besides the incredible design features, another special one is the location of the pantry. Instead of the conventional thinking of hiding it at the back, it was brought forward as a hip cafe. It’s a really cosy space, and one where everyone can mingle and host discussions.

Special thanks to Park and Christina for allowing us to tour this amazing space, and to Zi Xin for showing us around!

For more on their office, please visit: http://www.parkassociates.com.....sg/individual-work.p

00:00 - Intro
01:07 - Christina, Director at Park and Associates
01:57 - Park and Associates Office Tour
03:32 - Meeting Room
04:37 - Steps
05:08 - Working Spaces
05:47 - Meeting Space
06:54 - Coffee
07:27 - Concluding Thoughts
08:37 - Outro

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