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Heavy Machines at Work: How Marble is Mined | Stone Men | FD Engineering


Stone Men Episode 4: Heavy Machines at Work | Marble Industry | FD Engineering

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At Henraux, Barbara desperately attempts to prepare the pieces to be displayed for order 555, however, the material is unfortunately insufficient. At the Bresci quarry, Luca continues his search for the Versilys requested by Barbara, but the complex and risky block reveals no sign of the precious material in the end. Will Luca and Barbara stubbornly continue their search or will they decide to abandon the excavation site?

Marble is the most luxurious stone in the world. But it has to be extracted from the mountain through a tough, dangerous process. Only the "Stone Men" can master this.

In Apuan Alps, Tuscany, Italy, lies the largest marble basin in the world. For over 2,000 years, people have been querried high-quality marble. But for every inch of marble a price has to be paid. It is a struggle against nature and the elements, against the mountain and its hazards.
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