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MAKING RATAOUILLE From Pixar's Ratatouille (Confit Byaldi)


Daniel Chyi
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Step into the culinary world of Pixar's beloved movie *Ratatouille* and learn how to make the exquisite dish that stole the show – Confit Byaldi! This video guides you through the process of creating this beautiful and delicious French dish, just like the one prepared by Remy in the movie. Perfect for both movie fans and food enthusiasts, this tutorial will help you bring a piece of Parisian magic to your kitchen.

**Video Highlights:**

- **Introduction to Confit Byaldi:** Discover the origins of Confit Byaldi and how it differs from traditional ratatouille, showcasing its unique layered vegetable presentation.
- **Ingredient Preparation:** Learn how to select and prepare the freshest ingredients, including tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and bell peppers.
- **Sauce Making:** Follow a step-by-step guide to making the flavorful tomato and bell pepper sauce that forms the base of the dish.
- **Layering the Vegetables:** Master the art of thinly slicing the vegetables and arranging them in an eye-catching spiral pattern.
- **Baking to Perfection:** Get tips on baking the dish to achieve tender, perfectly cooked vegetables with a slightly caramelized top.
- **Final Touches:** See how to finish the dish with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh herbs for an authentic French touch.

**Recipe Details:**

- **Ingredients:**
- Tomatoes
- Zucchini
- Eggplant
- Yellow and red bell peppers
- Onion
- Garlic
- Olive oil
- Fresh herbs (thyme, basil)
- Salt and pepper

- **Preparation Time:** Approximately 1 hour
- **Cooking Time:** 2 hours
- **Servings:** 4-6

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**Bringing the Magic of Pixar to Your Kitchen:**

Experience the joy of making a dish that looks as good as it tastes. Whether you’re cooking for a special occasion or just because you love *Ratatouille*, this recipe is sure to impress. Gather your ingredients, follow along with our video, and enjoy the delightful flavors of Confit Byaldi!

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