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Bonanza - Vendetta | Episode 13 | Western TV Series | Classic Western


Bonanza - Episode 13 - Vendetta - When one of the Morgan brothers is shot and killed by Ben during a bank holdup, they vow revenge. The friends he thought he had in town decide to hide away while a wounded Ben lays up waiting for them to ride into town.

Director: Joseph Kane
Writer: Robert E. Thompson
Stars: Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker
Genre: Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 5 December 1959
Filming Locations: Franklin Canyon Reservoir, Santa Monica Mountains, Los Angeles, California, USA

While Adam and Joe are in Sacramento, Ben and Hoss are caught in a bank robbery. Defending the clerk and Hoss, Ben shoots one of the robbers, a brother in the Morgan gang. Ben is shot in return and the gang gets away.

Ben is badly wounded and the doctor doesn't think he should return to the Ponderosa, so Anne offers to let him stay at her place. She owes Ben and remembers what he did for her.

Half the town parades through Ben's room congratulating him on what he did and promising not to forget what they owe him. They assure him that the posse will get the rest of the Morgan gang. Ben isn't as confident, the Morgans are tough. After everyone leaves, Ben apologizes to Anne for the inconvenience. She reminds him that she owes Ben. Ben says there are others he could have stayed with. She doubts that. Her husband thought he had friends in town too, but they all turned their backs on him, all except Ben. They let a lawyer convince them to hang an innocent man and now her husband is dead and she's a saloon girl. She tells Ben not to depend on his "friends."

"I remember watching this episode when I was a kid. A murderous gang was coming into town to kill Ben and all the townsfolk turned tail and ran. I understood that but I remember thinking, the Ponderosa Was The largest ranch in Nevada. Aren't there 50 or so ranch hands employed by the Cartwrights? Evidently not because Hoss ended up fighting the gang alone. And even as the series evolved it seemed that the 4 Cartwights somehow ran a million acre ranch all by themselves. But the focus of this episode was how unwilling decent people are to put themselves in harms way." Written by csmith-99615 on IMDb.com

"I will keep this simple: if you watched, "High Noon," you will be able to guess what happens in this "Vendetta" episode. Saloon girl with a heart of gold, all of the townsfolk who talked the talk couldn't "walk the walk." The point was made that Ben financially helped someone in town; he saved the life of another. However, where were they when Ben needed him the most? Poor Hoss had to rely upon the town drunkard to help him, just like in "High Noon."

The only difference seems to be that Ben doesn't have a young filly like Gary Cooper had in "High Noon" to try to leave him behind. It goes to show how "friends" really are there for you, doesn't it?

This is one of the better knock-offs of "High Noon," however. And we get to see a young Chuck Bronson." Written by write_on-74983 on IMDb.com


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