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How to Install MacOS Monterey 12 on an Unsupported Mac, MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini in 2022


Today I will show you how to Install macOS Big Monterey 12 on an Unsupported Mac, MacBook iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro - Basically ANY MAC that has been made from around 2008 onwards. However I will show you how you can check if your Mac is comptible with Monterey.

To be clear this guide shows you how to install Mac OS Monterey, it is up to you to backup your data first and use Monterey at your own risk, I am not responsible for any loss of data etc...For me as you can see I installed Monterey and it worked for me, however due to unforeseen circumstances I can't help with all install steps if it doesn't work out for you. I also can't support or guide you on the use of additional Apps you may install like for example Office (word, powerpoint, excel), Final Cut Pro, Photoshop etc... they may work - they may not. However do help others in the comments if you get Apps to work what other are struggling with.

Please make sure your Mac is Compatible here;


Using OpenCore; I have successfully installed macOS Big Monterey 12 onto a 2012 MacBook Pro and you can to on your Intel Mac!
You will need a USB stick and and the OpenCore Legacy patcher.

The USB stick I have used and works with MacOS Big Sur is this one;
UK - https://amzn.to/2UKD7EW​

You can download this from OpenCore Legacy website;


0:00 How it is possible..
1:07 DO NOT SKIP - Important Steps before Starting!
5:50 Install Part 1 - Download & USB Setup
16:57 Install Part 2 - Installation
27:53 Install Necessary Patches for your Mac

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