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Day 16 of EPIC | 40 Min Dumbbell Back and Bicep Workout at Home



Day 16 of the EPIC Program and it's a back and bicep workout! This is a solid upper body session targeting the upper and middle back and those arms!

You will need dumbbells, a mat and something steady to lean against for the bent over rows. Optional is a chair that can support you whilst doing pullovers however these can be also performed on the mat! On the chair allows for a greater range of motion.

I am using 2 pairs of dumbbells (17.5kg and 8kg each).

The timer will be on for 30 seconds per exercise and 30 seconds rest. Many of the exercises are single arm so we will perform the exercise on one side, then straight into other side.

I would suggest counting how many reps you perform on one side so you can then do the same on opposite arm.

The exercises are performed as follows:

BENT OVER ROW (total 4 sets per side)


SUPINE ROW (total 4 sets per side)

REAR DELT ROW (total 4 sets per side)

LAT SWEEP (total 4 sets per side)

PULLOVERS (2 x sets 1 minute per set)


DOUBLE ARM ROW (x 2 sets)


HAMMER CURLS (x 2 sets)

1/2 CURL TO ROTATE (x 2 sets)

CURL PULSES (x 2 sets)

Finisher: 21s!!! (Bicep curls x 7 bottom half, x 7 top half, x 7 full range!)

I absolutely love training back and biceps... trust me, you will feel muscles you Mayne never felt before!



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