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The Wedding Gift!



Congratulations to Helen and Forrister, for whom this piece was a commissioned wedding gift!

Located in the backwoods of Maine, this cherry burl was attached to a tree that was standing dead for what might have been decades before I was lucky enough to find it. Not surprisingly, this burl included plenty of punky and rotten wood, which required the stabilizing and void-filling prowess of Total Boat's finest. The vase itself was made to the specifications requested by the customer, which included the use of resin to waterproof both the inside and outside of the vase. Resin finishes are one of the more painstaking and time-consuming finishes, but if you're going for shiny you can't be disappointed!

Please let me know what you think of this project by leaving a comment below! I cannot always respond to every comment, but I make time to read each one. I always appreciate feedback, positive or negative.

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