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How Its Made - American Bison Leather - Forefront Start to Finish | JK Boots

Daniel Chyi
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The complete mesmerizing process of hand-building one of our favorite boots around the workshop!

The effortless comfort of the Bison Forefront comes from long hrs in the workshop carefully sewing, glueing, and nailing together the highest quality materials together. The magnificent Bison leather moves easily with our felxi-design, and quickly molds to your feet, eliminating any sense of a break-in process. Couple this with the cloud-like wedge sole, and you won't want to take them off.

00:00 Cutting Leather
01:19 Skiving Leather
02:02 Preparing Leather
03:32 Sewing Boots
06:54 Eyelets
07:12 Sewing Boots
08:54 Hooks
09:04 Trimming Insole
10:46 Lasting Boots
16:11 Bottoming
20:19 Stitching Midsole
20:50 Cristy Sole
22:32 Sanding
23:49 Finishing

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