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294 Views· 28 May 2024

Making a Burning LAVA GAMING DESK


Daniel Chyi
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In this video, I take you through the exciting process of building a unique flowing lava desk, also known as a lava table. This project combines programmable Govee LED strip lights, burled elm slabs, epoxy resin, and tempered fire glass to create a mesmerizing waterfall lava effect that resembles real burning lava flowing between the wood slabs.

#### **Project Overview:**
1. **Preparing the Lumber:**
- Selecting and preparing burled elm slabs for the project.
- Planing, sanding, and cutting the wood to the desired dimensions.

2. **Making Epoxy Forms:**
- Constructing forms to contain the epoxy during the pour.
- Ensuring the forms are level and well-sealed to prevent leaks.

3. **Installing LED Lights:**
- Setting up programmable Govee LED strip lights beneath the wood slabs.
- Programming the lights to achieve the desired lava-like glow and flow effect.

4. **Pouring the Epoxy:**
- Mixing and coloring the epoxy resin to resemble molten lava.
- Carefully pouring the epoxy between the wood slabs to create the lava river effect.
- Adding tempered fire glass for extra texture and visual appeal.

5. **Finishing the Desk:**
- Sanding and polishing the epoxy to a smooth, glass-like finish.
- Applying a protective topcoat to the wood and epoxy surface.

6. **Building the Legs:**
- Constructing sturdy, stylish legs for the desk.
- Attaching the legs securely to support the heavy epoxy and wood top.

7. **Setting Up the Final Lava Desk:**
- Assembling all components and ensuring everything fits perfectly.
- Testing the LED lights and adjusting settings for the best visual impact.
- Showcasing the finished flowing lava desk in its final setup.

This DIY project video provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide, making it easy to follow along and create your own flowing lava desk. The combination of natural burl elm slabs, vibrant epoxy resin, and programmable LED lights results in a stunning piece of functional art that is sure to be a conversation starter in any room. Whether you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner looking for a challenging and rewarding project, this video offers all the tips and tricks needed to successfully build a flowing lava desk.

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