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269 Views· 27 May 2024

Bose Einstein Condensation - Statistical Physics - University Physics



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Whoa - a whole new state of matter? Yup, the realm of quantum weirdness never fails to disappoint, and in this video we derive the phenomena known as Bose Einstein condensation.

We start off using the Bose-Einstein statistical distribution formula, and then consider the total number of particles when the chemical potential is 0. The result creates a paradox in that this is a fixed number, implying that changing the temperature would cause particles to mysteriously vanish.

The solution lies in the density of states term, and the fact that multiple bosons can occupy the same energy state. What occurs below the critical temperature is amazing. All of the bosons that "shouldn't" be allowed in the box all occupy the lowest energy state, where they have zero momentum. This becomes macroscopically occupied, and creates this mysterious ghostly haze, known as the Bose Einstein condensate.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

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