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50 Views· 14 June 2024

Crazy Big Woodturning - Amazing Woodworking Skills



0:00 Woodturning A Chair https://youtu.be/vT0LvoIYClw
3:21 100+ STITCHES! - The biggest log I ever turned - Woodturning https://youtu.be/LrfJuOAigR0
4:35 5000 Segments Vase For 5k Subscribers - Woodturning https://youtu.be/9GFWO05Pd6k
5:42 Woodturning a big segmented vase https://youtu.be/ORYWpk_wNJY
8:23 Turning a HUGE Segmented Vase - Woodturning https://youtu.be/_iZz4frHOWY
12:10 I thought there would be no wood left! - Woodturning https://youtu.be/zV6dwyHmIAw
14:25 Woodturning A Big 30 000 segments Vase For 30k Subscribers https://youtu.be/MqfvvO2n-Mc
17:30 GIANT Bowl - Woodturning https://youtu.be/2uJHOLcG9RI

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