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3 large and VERY illegal LEGO builds


These builds are the mega-sized, and strangely much more ridiculously fragile sibling builds of a simple design in a previous video: https://youtu.be/Y9ruALhxJgs

Illegal building techniques come in many varieties, and some of them can actually make your builds much stronger (due to the stress they contain). These incomplete connections do the opposite. There’s very little stress on the builds at all—too little in fact—so fragility is the name of the game. The 1x3 plate version of this design is actually quite sturdy. It’s the weight of these larger builds pulling on those incomplete connections that make these designs so challenging.

Beyond just the fragility, this video turned out to be surprisingly difficult. Between being out of practice, filming with a new camera, and a couple of airplane flyovers I didn’t notice during filming, it made for an unusually frustrating experience. I thought it only fitting to share many of those failures with you--the culminating fail being the building of the interlocking rings, which turned out to be impossible with the light and camera rigging in the way. So I had to work a little off screen magic off. But the final result cracked me up, so I think it was worth it. : )

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---Designs in the video---
1x12 Wheel
- 2:31
- Diameter: 37.5cm / 14.4in
- piece count: 1x2 plates (519)

Interlocking Rings
- 4:15
- piece count: 1x12 plates (1041)

Infinity Curve
- 5:21
- 63.5 X 37.5 cm / 25 X 14.4 in
- piece count: 1x12 plates (919)

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