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209 Views· 04 May 2024

Refinishing BBS RS 212 in 20 mins!


Daniel Chyi
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This video shows the in-depth process of refinishing original BBS RS212. From start to finish we will show our processing stage, prep, sanding, polishing, powder coating, and assembly.

These wheels are actually for sale on our website!


00:00 Processing stage begins (straightening and disassembling).

2:52 Stripping starts. This removes all paint, powder, and silicone.

5:44 Media blasting the faces, backsides of the lips, barrels, waffles, and hex caps.

7:26 We begin prepping the face for powder coat. Removing imperfections and creating a solid surface for the powder to stick to.

8:42 Preparing barrels to be powder coated. We screw two barrels together and add a hanging.

9:43 We start powder coating the barrels in black chrome.

10:46 The barrels are removed from the oven to finish curing.

10:58 Time for the faces to be powder coated in black chrome.

12:47 Preparation of lips. Sanding the lips, removing curb rash, and prepping the metal for polishing.

14:57 Polishing the lips.

16:36 Reassembly

19:58 Final product!

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