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Palantir Analysis | Why The CEO Thinks Palantir Stock Will 25X



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In this video, I cover what Palantir is and settle the debate on whether I believe Palantir stock is a buy at the moment.

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Ever since Palantir went public in September of 2020, there’s been a debate on whether or not the company will be the one that will rule the next decade or whether it’s simply another overvalued, overhyped tech company. Yet, while many have been talking about Palantir, there aren’t many who truly understand what the company is, the risks of investing in it, and the catalysts that lie ahead. Even many institutional investors have struggled to understand how the company works, simply because their CEO hasn’t ever explained their core business model in-depth before. After all, the CEO, Alex Karp, is definitely not a salesman. In this video, I’ll cover whether Palantir has the potential to 25X in value and hit a 1 trillion dollar market cap over the next decade. Welcome to Casgains Academy. If you’re new to the channel, please consider subscribing for more content like this, and let’s get right into it.
In order to evaluate whether Palantir has the potential to 10 or even 20X in value, we need to actually understand what Palantir is as a company. Palantir is a software company that does data analytics and forms data-driven decisions. That may sound quite vague since this statement could mean a lot of aspects. But first of all, I want to clear a common misconception, which is that Palantir is a data broker. Palantir is not a data broker. The company does not collect, store, or sell any personal data. It simply uses already existing data to calculate through all the possibilities and formulate the most logical conclusion based on that. In other words, Palantir does not control or collect data. Rather, it is a platform that processes data that is given from existing customers. Palantir has three platforms to offer, which are Foundry, Metropolis, and Gotham. Palantir Gotham is a platform that was mainly built for government defense and intelligence, whereas Palantir Foundry is mainly utilized by corporate clients, such as Fiat Chrysler and Airbus. Lastly, Palantir Metropolis is used by finance-based companies like hedge funds and banks.
When it comes to Gotham, the main value that Palantir provides comes from data integration. Essentially, first, Palantir takes all of the data that exists about a large number of people, which ranges from spreadsheets created by enterprises to less traditional forms of data like GPS devices, video, and map imagery. Then, all of this data is then taken and processed through Palantir’s software and individualized for each person. After all this data is processed, Palantir enables users of its software platform to search for specific individuals and see all the data that is related to that individual. Additionally, Palantir Gotham’s search bar also allows users to search for specific characteristics that they’re looking for or data about what happened at specific places. To give you an example, I can ask Palantir to show me all the crimes that took place on a specific route. Another question I can ask Palantir is to show me all the crimes that occurred in my local district within the last week. Then, I can ask how those crimes differ from the crimes that happened the week before. This kind of feature is extremely helpful for government security. Yet, there’s something even more profound that Palantir allows for, which is the ability to analyze all this data and come to conclusions. In addition to data integration, Palantir Gotham allows users to test hypotheses to find out which hypothesis has the highest likelihood of being true. Testing hypotheses allows users to find out where potential traitors are and other people who are deemed dangerous to the US government. According to a leaked document dated in 2013, the government agencies that used Palantir included the CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, the CDC, the Marine Corps, the Air Force, Special Operations Command, West Point, the Joint IED-defeat organization and Allies, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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