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Street Food VS. Luxury HOT POT - One Is So Much Better!! | Taiwan’s HOT POT Obsession!!


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Taiwan is undoubtedly obsessed with hot pot! Welcome to Taichung, Taiwan, and today we’re going on a Taiwanese hot pot tour, but two totally different styles - one that’s on the luxury modern trendy side, and the other is a street food legend. We’ll compare the atmosphere, the ingredients, and then of course the prices. Let’s go eat Taiwan hot pot!

King of Hot Pot (嗑肉石鍋-南屯豐樂店): https://goo.gl/maps/D2DfaEKhanHgiShW7 - The first place is a modern trendy hot pot with a hilarious bleacher platter of beef and meats. The flavor was honestly a little underwhelming, just not enough flavor in the broth. Ingredients were alright.
Total price - 1805 TWD ($59.70)

Taiwan Chen Hot Pot (台灣陳沙茶火鍋): https://goo.gl/maps/kAUhCZ8d4GiDNehf7 - This places is an alley street food legend in Taichung and their hot pot was outstanding, including the ingredients, and sauces. I especially loved their local Taiwan beef.
Total price - 2,000 TWD ($66.14)

Oddly enough, the street food hot pot turned out to be slightly more expensive than the trendy place!

And which place did I like better… you probably can tell Taiwan Chen Hot Pot (台灣陳沙茶火鍋)!

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